Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 5

Oh my gosh we have growth!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!

Here is a picture of our entire terrarium
This is the bottomtier. As you can see, the water appears to be more clear, 
and our elodea seems to be a more vibrant shade of green
Here is a picture of one of our sprouts! When we took our terrarium from the window,
the sprout seemed to be reaching towards the window
In this picture, you can see there is some mold growing on the soil of the top tier

  • We observed a lot of condensation on the top tier of our terrarium
  • We measured the water level to be the same as it was on 10/15
  • After adding some water to our top tier last week, we have observed the growth of 3 sprouts!!
  • We observed some white mold on the soil in our top tier
  • The elodea seems more green
  • We cannot see the snails at all. We are inferring that our snails are below the rocks. 
  • We observed that the water appears to be more clear. There are particles in the water still, but the water doesn't seem to be quite as foggy
  • We observed condensation in the top and bottom tier
Additional wonderings:
-I wonder if the additional water and plant growth in the top tier, contributed to the increased clarity of the water and the growth of the elodea on the bottom tier

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