Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 4

Our 2-tiered terrarium has been sitting by the window for 3 weeks now. Our observations are still consistant with our past observations (and are still still a bit sad).

Our aquatic system appears pretty dead. Our elodea has turned a dark brown color and has not grown any longer. 
  • Observations: 
  • There has been no growth in the terrestrial level
  • We observed no growth in the aquatic level (and even observed what appears to be our elodea dying. The elodia has turned dark brown) 
  • All of the snails have moved together! We're not sure if they're dead and someone may have accidently moved our bottle which caused our snails to move, but all of our snails are in different locations than last week! 
  • We observed particles in the water (a little more dirty than last week)
  • We observed very dry soil
  • We can see condensation in the tape that is attaching the two levels
  • We can see condensation on the insides of both levels 
Additional wonderings:
-I'm very curious whether our snails moved on their own (after not moving for several weeks) or if perhaps someone may have accidently caused our snail's movements? 

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