Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week 3

Today our 2-tired terrarium has been sitting by the window for two weeks

These are our observations:
We observe no growth on the top tier
This is the bottom tier. Our elodea doesn't seem like it has grown, and our snails don't seem like they have moved. 
Here is a picture of our whole 2-tiered terrarium. We noticed that moe condensation has covered the inside of the top tier, and we observed that there is also a fair amount of condensation  in between our masking tape and the outside of the bottle. 

  • We measured 0.5 cm loss of water from the bottom ecosystem 
  • We observed no top seed growth in the soil. Our top tier still lacks roots or seedlings. 
  • Water appears dirty: we observed many floating particles 
  • We observed more particles on the string
  • We observed a leaf floating around bottom tier of our terrarium
  • We can see our 3 snails, however, we are infeering that they maybe dead. We've been trakcing their movement (or lack of movement) and have noticed that they have not moved from last week's position
  • We observed that the soil is very dry 
  • We observed that there is condensation on the bottom and top tiers of our terrarium
Additional observations and wonderings:
- I wonder if there is an organism that could help make our water in the bottem tier more clear again.
- I infer that some of our water loss in the bottom tier is due to the condensation that formed on the bottom tier of our terrarium. 
- I wonder if any of our seeds will be able to grow into plants in our top tier because the soil appears to be too dry to support plant life?

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