Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 2

Today, our Ecosystem had been sitting by a window for 1 week.
This is the top tier of our terrarium, there is some condensation 
This is a picture of our whole 2-tiered terrarium.

This is the bottom of our terrarium; so far we observed no growth in our elodea

What we observed
  • There is no plant growth on the top 
  • The water is clear but had visible particles
  • We could no longer see our daphnia 
  • We did observe 3 snails 
  • Our cotton strings had sunk and is fully submerged in the water
  • There is condensation in the soil portion of the bottle
  • The soil in the top tier appears to be a bit dry
Additonal wonderings:
-I'm curious where the daphnia may have gone. If they did die, did they become burried in the rocks?
-We observed that our soil in the top tier is a bit dry. I wonder if our seeds will be able to grow in these conditions?  

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