Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 1

Today (10/01/2015) we started our Ecosystem in a bottle.
Here is what we put inside:

  • 19cm Elodea 
  • 3 snails
  • 3 cotton strings, about a 12in long each 
  • organic soil
  • 4 daphnia
  • 8 Johnny Jump Up's seeds
  • 1 radish seed
  • 4 Zinnia flower seeds 
  • 600 ml spring water 
  • gravel 

  • This is the bottom of our 2-tiered terrarium (the aquatic level)
    This is the top of our 2-tiered terrarium (the terrestrial level). We put plenty of seeds; I hope we'll be able to see them grow! 
    This is the whole 2-tiered terrarium.
    -Our top 1 liter bottle has soil and flower seeds; this represents our terrestrial system.
    -Our bottom 1 liter bottle is composed of water, rocks, elodia, snails, and daphnia and represents     our aquatic system.

    We put our ecosystem by sunlight and will come back and observe in 1 week.

    Additonal observations & wonderings:
    -I noticed that the water we placed in our system appeared to be very clear. I wonder how our water clarity will look like over time?
    -Although we placed different kinds of animals and plants in our systems, I'm curious how they will survive and grow in our closed ecosystem.

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