Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week 6

Our elodea has grown a lot in length during this past week!
It has grown so long that it appears to be circling the inside of the bottom tier. 
There is a lot of condensation throughout the terrarium

There are several new sprouts this week, and we observed that the largest sprout looks a little wilted 


  • The water level is at the same level as measured on 10/15
  • We observed a few new sprouts growing this week
  • We noticed that one of the plant is a little wilted, but that sprout appears to have new growth
  • We observed that there is still mold on the soil
  • The elodea is very green, and has wrapped around the bottom of the ecosystem about 2 1/2 times.
  • We only observed one snail. We have inferred that the two other snails are below the rocks. 
Additional wonderings:
- I wonder if the two snails below the rocks are still living?
-I am curious what has caused the mold in our terrarium? I noticed that the mold appeared the week after we added water, so I am inferring that adding more water to our terrarium is somehow related to the growth of the mold. 

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