Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 7

Day 7

We observed that there are more little sprouts coming up through the soil. The largest sprout seems to have grown even larger and is still wilted. There is still mold on the surface of the soil, however it does not appear to have grown larger.  
There is one sprout that seams to be growing vertically and looks a lot taller than last week.
The snail that we marked last week has moved. We can see two out three of our snails.
There is still a lot of condensation throughout the terrarium, especially on the top tier. 

The water is still at the same level as the week of 10/15.
The water is pretty clear with just some particles. 
The elodea has grown more and is still very green.

  • The water clarity appears more clear than past weeks
  • The elodea has continued to grow and circle around the bottom tier of the terrarium
  • The snails have moved since last week, and we can see two snails
  • Two of our sprouts have grown quite tall and the smaller sprouths have grown in height also
  • There is a large amount of condensation on both tiers of the terrarium
  • Overall, we have observed a lot of changing conditions in our terrarium. Although during the first few weeks of our terrarium project, we observed a lack of growth, after we added more water to our terrarium we observed rapid growth in our plants, and gradual clarity of our water. 

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